Fleury Is Our King


I was watching hockey one day (one of my great loves), and Marc-Andre Fleury was playing in net for the Penguins (another one of my great loves) and he was doing absolutely fantastic. Which reminded me of Ron Weasley (an older, yet still great love) and the wonderful hymn dedicated to his own goalkeeping prowess. And thus, a shirt idea was born, and thanks to a snow day home from work I finally got to see it to fruition.


The shirt can be found for sale here if you’re so inclined to buy one. It’s up for sale on Zazzle, which I chose for being by far the cheapest option for all my broke friends, though the downside is that the site is slow as all heck, for which I apologize. I have found it works a little faster in Firefox than it does in Chrome.

UPDATE: Zazzle refuses to sell shirts with even partial names of famous people, so I’ve moved the shirt to Redbubble, where it can be found here. You can print it on any color now! Though I suggest gray, as that’s what it was designed for.

I make about a dollar for every shirt sold (I know, right? Such decadence) so my goal is to sell about 25 and basically negate any expense I incurred ordering one for myself.

Have at it, sports fans, and let’s go Pens!

New Contract a Win for Fleury, Penguins (Originally for The Pink Puck)

1024px-Marc-Andre_Fleury_2011-12-29With his stellar performance to start the season (a 7-2-0 record, .931 save percentage, 1.89 goals against average, and three shutouts), it seemed inevitable that the Penguins would re-sign Marc-Andre Fleury. While some Penguins fans pointed to Fleury’s off-season meltdowns as reason to trade him, others said that Fleury showed marked improvement since being coached by Mike Bales and seeing a sports psychologist, and that the Penguins’ loss in the playoffs last year was largely the result of a lack of offensive prowess, not a goaltending issue.

Furthermore, Penguins fans on both sides of the argument had to face the grim reality of the current goalie market, which is extremely barren. A goaltender of Fleury’s caliber or an upgrade who is eligible for hire simply doesn’t exist, and certainly not at a price the Penguins could pay. Fleury stood to gain a large amount of money on the open market if the Penguins didn’t make their move – either to trade or re-sign him.

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I Like Guys – Originally for hitRECord

I like strong guys. Not strong like he lifts weights, but the kind of guy with that inner strength that makes you feel calm just being around him. I like guys who listen as much as they speak, and when they speak it’s in a deep, soothing voice, the kind you can get lost in.

– – –

Every two minutes, someone in the USA is sexually assaulted.

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The Best of the NHL’s Ice Bucket Challenges (Originally for The Pink Puck)

paulbissonetteicebucket-700x357An inescapable craze struck the nation this off-season, more feel-good than Guardians of the Galaxy and catchier than the song “All About That Bass”. I am referring, of course, to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We here at The Pink Puck not only nominated our readers, but we’re so dedicated to giving back that we have watched every single video of an NHL player doing the ice bucket challenge (yes, every single one), and fellow Pink Puck writer Mollyhall and I have teamed up to bring you the best of the best, cream of the crop challenges you can’t afford to miss.

Stay frosty, friends, and don’t forget to donate.

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Mike Johnston New Head Coach for Penguins (Originally for The Pink Puck)

mike-johnstonEarly this afternoon, new Penguins GM Jim Rutherford moved to name Mike Johnston the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Johnston, 57, has been coaching since he was 23. Most recently, Johnston was head coach of the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks, but he has coached at the collegiate, minor league, NHL, and even Olympic level. Johnston is considered responsible for the turn-around of the Portland Winterhawks, who had missed the playoffs three years in a row before his tenure. During his tenure as both head coach and general manager, the Winterhawks made the playoffs for five straight seasons and came away with a Memorial Cup.

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Assessing the Penguins Free Agent Situation (Originally for The Pink Puck)


New Penguins GM Jim Rutherford has a lot of decisions on his plate going forward. Not only does he need to name a new coach, but the Penguins have an unusually large crop of candidates up for free agency.

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Should the Penguins keep Dan Bylsma? (Originally for The Pink Puck)

Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa SenatorsBefore the Penguins even lost Game 7 against the Rangers this year, rumors were already swirling that Dan Bylsma, head coach for the Penguins, was running on borrowed time. Once they lost, rumors of Bylsma’s firing had gone from rumors to foregone conclusions.

But is that the right move, or premature? It would certainly make some fans happy, but it may not be the best move for the Penguins.

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