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The Princess Bubblegum Shops Modcloth Project – Part 2


Continuing her adventures in shopping at Modcloth, Princess Bubblegum this time is clothed in her signature color – pink – from head to toe.

On a related note, ruffles are the worst and I am never drawing them again.

Princess Bubblegum’s outfit includes:


The Princess Bubblegum Shops Modcloth Project – Part 1


For those of you not in the know with all the cool haps, Adventure Time is a cartoon, specifically of the “people over the age of eight watch and love this” variety. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love it, but it’s certainly enjoyable. By far my favorite part, though, is Princess Bubblegum and her fabulous wardrobe, which looks like it could come straight off my very favorite clothing site ever, Modcloth. And thus, upon realizing this, a project was born: draw Princess Bubblegum in as many Modcloth outfits as possible.

Today, Princess Bubblegum is wearing: