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Revelry At Griffin’s Wharf A Time For History To Come Alive

Note: For the first assignment for my summer Multimedia Journalism task I was tasked with writing a print story (and taking pictures) on an event. Though this happened over six weeks ago, now that the class is over, I get to post it.
IMG_9649Actor Kaitee Treadway is on a mission. Clad in full colonial-era garb and armed with her puppet, Samuel, she sits in a corner of the pier off the Boston Tea Party Museum. When she spots her mark – a young child looking lost – she makes her move. “Hello!” She calls out in a sing-song voice. “What’s your name?”  If the child answers, they’re asked, “have you heard about the events happening lately in Boston?” The script varies from there, but it always ends with the child and puppet brainstorming how best to protest British taxation.

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You be the words and I’ll be the music – ain’t you heard that’s how they do it?


I have a confession – I love Sondre Lerche. Not his music. Him.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, I think his music is great. I’m especially fond of his album with the Faces Down Quartet. Good stuff, there. But no, the affection I feel for his music is nothing compared to the extremely fond feeling for the actual dude. He’s darling. I have a deeply held belief that when whatever higher-up created him, they used the leftover parts they had from creating puppies and marshmallows. And I want to eat him up with a spoon.

If it makes anyone feel better, it’s got nothing to do with wanting to do the horizontal tango, or anything.  I mean, is he super-dee-duper cute? Clearly. But no, the affection I feel for him makes me feel like I have a very fuzzy kitten curled up in my belly, and it is purring, only instead of just making a noise, the kitten is emitting rainbows. I would like to perhaps bake him cookies. Or knit him a sweater. Or tuck him in at night. Never mind that he’s seven years older than me and I suck at knitting. I can’t control my urges, only what I do about them. But these urges were relatively controlable.

And then… I went to see him in concert last night.

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