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breathless at four am (Originally for hitRECord)

fuck but you’re gorgeous
and i want i
want things that
are heavy and
warm and things i
can’t name so i
watch the space
between your fingers
which is, i think, where
everything begins and

fuck but you’re gorgeous
with the delicate insides
of your wrists where i
kissed there as a
place mark, it was a
flag i planted when i
pressed my lips
there and now it
hums through your
veins saying i
was here, i
was here

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Vows (Originally for hitRECord)

I promise when you really see me for the first time
That something in your chest will stutter and jump-start,
That when you blink, I’ll still be there –
Sweaty palms, crooked smile.

I promise to put new skin on your old heart,
Tender and aching to the touch.
That we’ll kiss in giddy silence
(My nose cold against your cheek, soft and heavy air between us)
In our tiny, breathless world.

And I promise we’ll settle gently into love
And it will be like gravity, like morning snow;
Hushed, an inevitable falling.

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Tonight’s Top Stories (Originally for hitRECord)

In tonight’s news,
A plane crashed over Arkansas, killing everyone aboard
The Dow Jones is down twenty-five points
And there is a tsunami bearing down on Jakarta

Police are still looking for a missing mother and her three children
Who are presumed to be dead
Congress remains in gridlock
Unable to agree on a bill
That could mean financial relief for hundreds thousands of families

The bloody revolution in Sri Lanka continues for the twenty-second straight day in a row
Eight Fortune 500 companies have announced mass layoffs
And could your refrigerator be giving you cancer?
We’ll have the shocking details later.

But we start tonight with our top story
Today two unknown people saw each other
As if for the very first time
And that was when they fell in love

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