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The Giant in the Dream (Originally for hitRECord)


The giant bent down 
and spoke softly to the girl,

“If this is but your dream little one, then please sleep a while longer. 
There is so much more I wish to see.” 

I just had to illustrate this lovely tiny story on hitRECord, and download the full-size illustration here.


First Place Goes To (Originally for

poet_tragedy_tinystorySo I don’t know if you know this, but 2,012 December 24ths ago, Baby Jesus sat in Mary’s stomach, drawing illustrations to sad tiny stories and then posting them to hitRECord.

True story.

The Weather Outside is Frightful (Originally for

coldmonstersGet it? Because it’s a pun?

Whatever, these guys were some prototypes for my holiday card this year, and while they didn’t make the cut, I couldn’t leave them out in the cold.

Should I stop typing before I make more bad puns? I think  I should. You can find these dudes here on hitRECord.

Monster Doodles (Originally for


Some days, you just gotta clean out the scrap folder. And on those days, I usually like to post the less terrible scraps to hitRECord, which is what I did with these three little monsters.

Squidcognito (Originally for hitRECord)

I’m just going to go ahead and assume I’m not the only person who thinks about how different animals would look wearing Groucho Marx glasses.

Here on hitRECord.

The Forgotten (Originally for

The Forgotten are spirits of abandoned hopes and dreams that wrap around your eyes until all you can see is what could have been.

Find him here on hitRECord.

The Two-Headed Monster (originally for

After two weeks of struggling with a drawing that ultimately went nowhere, I decided I needed something quick, simple, and fun to draw. And then… this hit me.

Some may call this narcissism. I call it self-acceptance.

(Find it here on hitRECord.)