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Five Things Every (Funny) Girl Should Know (Originally for HelloGiggles)

There are a lot of awesome things in the universe: cupcakes, small children giving pep talks on YouTube, that feeling you get when you finally change out of your clothes and into your comfy pajamas and most of all, being silly. It’s fun to be funny.

I’ve always been “the funny one” in my group of friends. Adults seemed to find me pretty entertaining too, but I’m unsure if they were laughing at me because I was tiny, precocious and sarcastic – or actually amusing. The point is, I’ve always had a talent for making people laugh. And for most of my life, I ignored that talent. There were even parts of my life where I tried to actively suppress it in order to be more grown-up or taken more seriously. This, along with trying to “paint” the walls of the dining room with craypas, was one of my dumber childhood decisions.

If you’d asked me at the time why I was doing what I was doing, I would have told you two things. The first thing I would have told you was that no one took you seriously if you were funny. (This is untrue – I’ll get to this later.) The second thing I would have told you was that I wasn’t funny. And I never would have said this out loud, but subconsciously, I would have believed I couldn’t be funny because I was a girl. And girls just weren’t funny

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