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Born this Straight (Sort Of)

This morning, I found myself unaccountably moved by a blog that had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Like the good child of socialists I am, I am extraordinarily fondĀ  of NPR. I was browsing through their stories, which I do sometimes while I’m waking up, and I stumbled across an article about a blog called Born this Gay, where LGBTQ individuals send in pictures of themselves as children that they now look back on and go “wow, I was so gay.” And, as a ridiculously heterosexual woman, I there was no reason for me to get verklempt over this, except I did. I so totally did. And I think a lot of it had to do with reading all the stories of gay kids who, despite growing up in often unwelcoming environments, had family who were relentlessly supportive and accepting. Which isn’t a story that you hear that often, and honestly, touched me.

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