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Fleury Is Our King


I was watching hockey one day (one of my great loves), and Marc-Andre Fleury was playing in net for the Penguins (another one of my great loves) and he was doing absolutely fantastic. Which reminded me of Ron Weasley (an older, yet still great love) and the wonderful hymn dedicated to his own goalkeeping prowess. And thus, a shirt idea was born, and thanks to a snow day home from work I finally got to see it to fruition.


The shirt can be found for sale here if you’re so inclined to buy one. It’s up for sale on Zazzle, which I chose for being by far the cheapest option for all my broke friends, though the downside is that the site is slow as all heck, for which I apologize. I have found it works a little faster in Firefox than it does in Chrome.

UPDATE: Zazzle refuses to sell shirts with even partial names of famous people, so I’ve moved the shirt to Redbubble, where it can be found here. You can print it on any color now! Though I suggest gray, as that’s what it was designed for.

I make about a dollar for every shirt sold (I know, right? Such decadence) so my goal is to sell about 25 and basically negate any expense I incurred ordering one for myself.

Have at it, sports fans, and let’s go Pens!


The Season of the Witch



Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been around, huh? Real life unfortunately got in the way of my blogging, but I’m back! Hopefully soon I’ll be setting up a portfolio website for my art and writing again, but for now, have a little bit of Halloween art I drew for my friend Sarah.

The Giant in the Dream (Originally for hitRECord)


The giant bent down 
and spoke softly to the girl,

“If this is but your dream little one, then please sleep a while longer. 
There is so much more I wish to see.” 

I just had to illustrate this lovely tiny story on hitRECord, and download the full-size illustration here.

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!

IMG_0002One of my favorite shows currently on the air is New Girl, which I feel kind of smug about. Everyone initially wrote it off as a twee and terrible Zooey Deschanel project, but it’s turned out to be probably the second-best sitcom on the air (you can’t quite beat Parks and Recreation). And not to take away from Zooey’s great performance, but one of my favorite things about the show is her clothes. They’re always pitch-perfect and so distinctively her. And so, a tribute both to Jessica Day in all her magnificence, both sartorial and otherwise.

Hockey is Art (No, Really)

IMGI’ve been missing for a bit. You’d be forgiven for not noticing – I’ve still been around – but artistically I have been out of commission while my beloved computer was in for repairs. There are a lot of things you can do on a borrowed computer, but upload Adobe Photoshop and Wacom software is not one of them.

Naturally, while my computer was being repaired was exactly when the art bug decided to bite. which means I have several projects that should all be colored and uploaded in a week. But the first and quickest to finish project is putting together all my sketches that came as a result of watching hockey.

I got into hockey about a year ago thanks to my friend Nicole, and I’m aware I’m not exactly the profile of a normal hockey fan, but I’ve been hooked, and hooked hard. The thing hockey provides (besides, you know, something entertaining to watch) is dudes. I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble drawing guys, and if there’s one thing hockey provides, it’s an ample range of male faces to draw. There isn’t a whole lot of racial diversity in those faces, but white dudes are still dudes, and I still need practice drawing them.

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Fionna Shops Modcloth – The Paper Doll

fionnapaperdol_outfit1lWhile I do love me some Princess Bubblegum, my favorite character from the Land of Ooo is not really a character at all, but Fionna, Finn’s genderswapped counterpart. And while Fionna might be the type of girl who, like me, sticks to basics in one color (blue), that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a little Modcloth shopping spree of her own. This time, I decided to make her into a paper doll. You can click on her to get the printable full version and dress her up (or draw your own outfits for her) to your heart’s content!

Fionna’s wardrobe is:


Pirate Jenny

pirateladySometimes, there are long stories behind artwork. Sometimes, I’m just like, “you know what’s awesome? Lady pirates.”

This is the latter. Enjoy.