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Stuff I Can’t Live Without

Everyone, I have an exciting announcement: I’ve fallen in love.

Not with an actual person,  don’t be silly. That would require a human man who wasn’t related to me or a co-worker actually initiate a conversation.

No, what I have fallen in love with is The Strategist, an entire blog from NY Magazine about good stuff to buy. I’ve lost count of the number of hours or days or potentially weeks I’ve spent browsing their back catalog, but it’s a lot. And while I strongly disagree with their distinctly New York sensibilities on the idea that you should spend $40 on a plain white t-shirt or over $200 on a non-cashmere sweater, for example (WHY?!?!), what initially got me into them was their series where they ask celebrities what products they can’t live without. I am nerdy enough to consider this a fascinating anthropological study of what objects people define themselves by, unlike a normal human who goes “oh cool, I can use the same candle as a famous person!” I would love to be asked to do this feature, but being famous is my literal worst nightmare, though things like this being interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air that make me wish I could be just famous enough for precisely two milliseconds so I could be asked to this and nothing else. I can’t, because that’s impossible, but I can pretend The Strategist asked me to make a list and publish it on my own. Which I did, because of course I did. What are you, new here?

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