Thoughts from a CWHL Game: Boston Blades v. Toronto Furies (Originally for The Pink Puck)

bladesfuriescwhlWhen my friend Emily asked me if I wanted to go with her to the last Boston Blades game of the season against the Toronto Furies, I immediately replied that I would. As someone who loves hockey but hates crowds, the CWHL is my ideal venue. It’s a cheap way to get great seats and support women’s hockey, and I was there, never mind that I’d have to miss a Penguins/Flyers game to do so.

Despite low turnout (I would guess between 50-100 people there), the game was a good, fast-paced event. Boston looked to dominate early, scoring 26 seconds in, but Toronto fought back to keep it going back and forth the entire time, and tied it up at 3 with 1:58 to go, sending the game into overtime. In overtime, Kelli Stack scored the winning goal for Boston, capping off an excellent game for her as well as fellow Olympian Hilary Knight, who racked up 2 assists. I’ve only been to a few live hockey games in my life, and perhaps it was the ice-level seats that did it, but I found this game to be far and away the most engaging and exciting of any game I’ve ever attended.

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