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Penguins Go Into Trade Deadline Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Originally for The Pink Puck)



With the trade deadline approaching, most teams are looking towards what they need in order to make a deep playoff run. But with the Penguins, perennial playoffs favorites, it’s a bit more complicated than simply filling holes in their roster.

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Judging the Parade of Nations Outfits in Sochi (Originally for The Pink Puck)


Every two years, the world comes together for the Olympics, and that is a beautiful thing. And even more beautiful – hypothetically – is the Parade of Nations, where every country sends its representatives out in matching outfits to wave and smile and generally act psyched to be at the Olympic Games. You would think, in this grand moment, that countries would want their athletes to look their very best, to show off their country at its finest.

That is not exactly the case.

It’s more obvious in the summer Olympics – in the Winter Olympics most countries go for a variation on a warm coat and pants – but there’s still plenty to judge in these outfits.

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Letang suffers stroke, will miss at least six weeks (Originally for The Pink Puck)



Today the Penguins put an end to speculation of what had been plaguing star defenseman Kris Letang byannouncing that he had suffered a stroke.

Letang had missed several games with an unspecified illness, and testing found that Letang has a small hole in the wall of his heart – a birth defect that is believed may have been the cause of the stroke. Letang will be on a regimen of blood thinners for six weeks, after which he will be re-evaluated. His condition is not believed to be life or career-threatening. Letang has been cleared to vacation with his family during the Olympic break.

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What Your Olympic Allegiance Says About You – Pens Fan Edition (Originally for The Pink Puck)



With so many Penguins going to the Olympics, it’s hard for a Pittsburgh fan to choose who to root for. The USA? Canada? Finland? Russia? If you haven’t already chosen, we here at The Pink Puck are here to help, with a comprehensive guide to where your allegiances should lie.

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