Hockey is Art (No, Really)

IMGI’ve been missing for a bit. You’d be forgiven for not noticing – I’ve still been around – but artistically I have been out of commission while my beloved computer was in for repairs. There are a lot of things you can do on a borrowed computer, but upload Adobe Photoshop and Wacom software is not one of them.

Naturally, while my computer was being repaired was exactly when the art bug decided to bite. which means I have several projects that should all be colored and uploaded in a week. But the first and quickest to finish project is putting together all my sketches that came as a result of watching hockey.

I got into hockey about a year ago thanks to my friend Nicole, and I’m aware I’m not exactly the profile of a normal hockey fan, but I’ve been hooked, and hooked hard. The thing hockey provides (besides, you know, something entertaining to watch) is dudes. I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble drawing guys, and if there’s one thing hockey provides, it’s an ample range of male faces to draw. There isn’t a whole lot of racial diversity in those faces, but white dudes are still dudes, and I still need practice drawing them.



Hockey also provides a lot of interesting people who move in a lot of interesting ways. I’d recently resigned myself to the notion that I needed to start drawing bodies more, loosening up my figure drawing skills, but naturally normal poses weren’t enough for me, I had to venture into the world of horribly complicated hockey poses. (Have you ever tried to figure out weight distribution and balance of someone on ice? Don’t. Bodies move totally differently on-ice and off.) Probably one of the most dynamic people to watch is Patrick Kane, who has the honor of being the first full-bodied human I’ve drawn in a very long time thanks to his sick moves and the added bonus that his face honest to God looks like a cartoon. (In a good way.)ferenceAlso I drew my favorite Bruin, Andrew Ference. There’s no reason for this besides that I’m from Boston, he’s awesome, and I can. Really. That’s it.


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