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Pirate Jenny

pirateladySometimes, there are long stories behind artwork. Sometimes, I’m just like, “you know what’s awesome? Lady pirates.”

This is the latter. Enjoy.


Penguins v. Flyers in .Gifs (Or: Hockey for People Who Don’t Hockey Good, Pens Fan Edition) (Originally for Beauty Move)

Hi, Beauty Move followers, this is Julia, Hannah’s good hockey buddy. I’m not a regular blogger here (I blog over here), but there are times when Hannah is incapable of writing about hockey, which is where I come in. Think of me as a cool substitute teacher who is currently subbing because last night’s Pens/Flyers game reduced Hannah to dead. So instead, I will explain everything that happened using the highly scientific method of illustration via .gif to recap probably the most exciting hockey game of the week.

Dear God, I hope it’s the most exciting hockey game of the week. I don’t think we can take much more.

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Is Community Back? (For CliqueClack, Co-Written with Katie Schenkel)

communityJulia: I’m not sure what I expected from Community, but all the months of waiting and drama I feel like I wanted more than what I got from that first episode back. Is it just me?

Katie: About two days before the show aired, I started getting nervous that it really was going to be bad. So I had actually mentally prepared myself to be disappointed. Thanks to being a pessimist, I was mostly OK with the episode … even though there were some missteps.

Julia: See, I’m an optimist, so that could be my problem. I just felt like it was a little bit of a directionless episode, like there were some good ideas but not a lot of cohesion.

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But I’m A Real Artist

wargirlIn case you haven’t met an artist, you should know that we are horribly, terribly insecure creatures who are, in general, never quite satisfied with our own work and always think, “man, if only I were like [other person], I would be so much better.”

One of the first bits of advice I ever got was that as an artist I had to establish a style, which I resisted for a good long time. I knew what I was good at and had always received the best feedback on – cute stuff – but in my heart of hearts I wanted to be good at the serious stuff that everyone passes around and goes “whoa” over. I don’t think I’ll ever be over wanting to be a “whoa” artist instead of an “aww” artist.

It’s the same with writing. I’ve learned to never mention that I’m a writer, because then people assume I’m a novelist, or have the next great American Novel sitting on my hard drive, or can construct original characters, all of which I decidedly cannot. I’m a blogger. I write about silly pop culture things and I hopefully make people laugh sometimes. I am not a serious writer.

The piece above represents the pinnacle of what I can achieve doing “serious” artwork. That’s it. That’s as good as I am, and I think the eyes are crooked, so that’s not very good at all. Originally this was going to be a whole big propaganda poster with the words “War Is No Place For Little Boys” but all the red lines and reference pictures in the world couldn’t make a body I was satisfied with or a layout I liked.

Sometimes, I consider going to art school. I go online and scroll through course catalogs, and I slowly feel increasingly nauseous and exit immediately. I think I know in my heart of hearts, that I’m never going to be happy doing “serious” art. I like my quick doodles and making people go “aw”. I like printing cards and not dealing with galleries. I want to illustrate for children. I want to do little, cute things that make people happy and make them laugh, and I’m good at that. I’ll get there, some day.

In the meantime, I need to remember – I am not a serious artist.

Sitcom Superlatives – Makeouts, Meta, and More (Originally for CliqueClack)

nickjesskissBest Kiss – Nick and Jess, New Girl

Nick and Jess were getting to a truly ridiculous stage of suspending disbelief that they wouldn’t just jump each other already.

There have been, in my opinion, two great developments in sitcoms in the last five to ten years. The first is getting rid of laugh tracks. The second is getting rid of the idea of the Moonlighting curse — ie: that a couple can never get together no matter what and relationships must be drawn out as much as possible to keep an audience invested via romantic will-they, won’t-they tension. Case in point, Nick and Jess, who were getting to a truly ridiculous stage of suspending disbelief that they wouldn’t just jump each other already. Nick was so obviously enamored with Jess that I couldn’t get my head around why he hadn’t made his move until the terrible, horrible, wonderful delivery of “not like this.” Ta da!

Of course Nick has thought about kissing Jess. He’s probably spent the last two years on and off thinking about it and cycling through self-loathing and reasons why not to … why it was never the right time, what the right time would be … and so to see him kiss Jess wasn’t just good because it was a great kiss (and it was a great kiss), but because we finally got to see Nick get over himself enough to make that move he’s been waiting to make for a long time. And Nick’s move was perfectly timed and placed; wait longer and it becomes unbelievable that Nick and Jess wouldn’t have hooked up sometime, or that when they did Jess wouldn’t cite their friendship as a reason not to continue. Do it earlier and there isn’t enough of a friendship foundation to make them hooking up high stakes. But have them kiss now, two years in, and the timing is just right.

Also, it was a really great kiss. Have I mentioned that yet?

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