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Have Yourself a Felted Little Christmas (and an Announcement)


Hello, dear readers nursing serious Christmas and good cheer hangovers! I come to you bearing two announcements. The first is that this summer, I learned how to needle felt. It’s a pretty fun craft, since it’s basically strategic, therapeutic stabbing, and it’s how I made a large portion of my holiday gifts. And they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

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First Place Goes To (Originally for

poet_tragedy_tinystorySo I don’t know if you know this, but 2,012 December 24ths ago, Baby Jesus sat in Mary’s stomach, drawing illustrations to sad tiny stories and then posting them to hitRECord.

True story.

Happy Holidays!


For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a big fan of the month of December. Not just because it’s my birthday month, but because I love the holidays. I’m not even Christian and I love the Christmas season. Not the rampant commercialism – I make all my gifts (more on that later, promise!) but the idea that there’s an entire month dedicated to warm fuzzy feelings when it’s darkest and grossest out is my favorite thing ever. I never manage to remember people’s birthdays, but once a year I make a list of people to send cards and presents to and goddammit, I commit.

So consider this my virtual card to everyone (because I’m sure I missed some people) – thank you. I’ve had a crazy year of super-high ups and super-low downs. And every click on my blog, every reader, every commenter, and every subscriber has meant the world to me.

So happiest of happy holiday seasons to everyone reading this. May your celebrations not be too heinously stressful and full of relatives you hate, may you stuff yourself with all your favorite cookies, and may you hug all the people you love extra-tight and let them know you love them. And for me, some of those people are you guys. I love you. And I can’t wait for us to blog the crap out of 2013 together.

The Princess Bubblegum Shops Modcloth Project – Part 1


For those of you not in the know with all the cool haps, Adventure Time is a cartoon, specifically of the “people over the age of eight watch and love this” variety. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love it, but it’s certainly enjoyable. By far my favorite part, though, is Princess Bubblegum and her fabulous wardrobe, which looks like it could come straight off my very favorite clothing site ever, Modcloth. And thus, upon realizing this, a project was born: draw Princess Bubblegum in as many Modcloth outfits as possible.

Today, Princess Bubblegum is wearing:

The Weather Outside is Frightful (Originally for

coldmonstersGet it? Because it’s a pun?

Whatever, these guys were some prototypes for my holiday card this year, and while they didn’t make the cut, I couldn’t leave them out in the cold.

Should I stop typing before I make more bad puns? I think  I should. You can find these dudes here on hitRECord.

Sitcom Superlatives – Best friends, bad romance, and holiday cheer (Originally for CliqueClack)

sitcomsuperlatives_ryananneNew Favorite Friendship: Ryan and Anne, Go On
If at this time this year you had told me that there would be a middle-aged lesbian on my television, let alone on a show with as much diversity as Go On, and that she’d be handled well, I’d have asked what crazy optimism drugs you were on and where I could get me some. But Go On has really steadily delighted me this year, way more than I thought it would. Not only does Ryan feel very different from Chandler (something I needed from Matthew Perry but wasn’t sure I’d ever get), but his friendship with Anne is exactly what this show needs. Because healing through therapy two sides, really. (And oh, as someone who’s been in therapy over 75% of my life, I could write odes to how well psychological conflict is handled in this show.) There’s the blind, almost childlike belief needed to make a leap of faith that the rest of the group represents, but there’s also always that cynicism and grounded practicality that most of us have trouble letting go of. And watching Ryan and Anne not just fall headfirst into accepting every bit of feel-good advice Lauren dispenses is what makes this show work so well and keeps grounded instead of veering to the saccharine.

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Bradley James and Katie McGrath give their final Merlin interview (Originally for CliqueClack)

bradleyjames_katiemcgrathEven though I no longer review Merlin on the regular, being a fan of and blogger about Merlin has been one of the most truly rewarding experiences of my life, which is why I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to interview Bradley James (Arthur) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) one last time.

Alright, well, first of all, I just wanted to say thank you to you guys. This is my second time interviewing both of you, and as a fan you guys have been amazing and wonderful to interview, so thank you so much.
Thank you so much!

Anyways, now for the harder questions …
You were just buttering us up there so we’ll give you good answers, aren’t you?

A little bit! I did really want to thank you, but I had to butter you up a little bit.
KM: [laughs] No, that’s fine, we’re all actors, we like that.

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