Introducing Bazza, Echidna Extraordinaire


So there I was, innocently doing actual artwork on a Friday night, when my google reader told me that Cute Overload had linked to this video of a baby echidna (which are called “puggles”, because why not, it’s adorable). I’m proud to say I reacted in a very adult manner, if “screaming loudly and finding every youtube video I could on echidnas” counts as “adult”.

Echidnas are cool little critters. They’re the only mammal besides platypi who lay eggs. They don’t have mammary glands, instead mama echidnas sweat out their milk in little pools called “milk patches”. The papas have the world’s most terrifying four-pronged penises. Sometimes they blow bubbles out their noses. And they’re cute. Stupidly, ridiculously cute.

I sadly cannot own one as a pet (though this should not stop any of you from trying to get me one for my birthday), so instead I doodled this little guy. I’ve named him Bazza because, an Australian friend assures me, that’s one of the most stereotypically Australian things I can name him. Bazza may one day go on adventures, but for now, he’s just gonna chill a bit and look cute.



6 responses to “Introducing Bazza, Echidna Extraordinaire


  2. Hi Julia,

    I’m a scout leader in Australia whose scout name is “Echidna”
    I love your puggle doodles and was wondering if I could tag them as park of my signature for scout emails.

    Kind regards,
    Sarah-Jane Gregory

  3. Hi Julia,
    I often see Echidnas in the wild in Australia and they are my favourite animal 🙂 They are related to the Platypus whose young are also named puggles.

    I can’t draw to save myself and am looking for a logo for a small beanie and hand made woolen products business my wife is starting called Echidna Threads. Could I buy a pdf of your echinda drawings to use for the logo?
    Please email me in return

  4. Hi! Bazza is so adorable! So adorable in fact I am wondering if I can ave your permission to use a black and white reversed image of the second picture of Bazza (if that even makes sense.. I’m not sure it does..) for a logo for a sticker (again I’m not sure this is makes sense) for my dad to stick on his plants? He will soon be made redundant and is planning to start up quite a small “plant nursery” in is backyard selling cacti and being Australian; Bazza would be perfect! I cannot really offer any monetary value as times are a bit tough but I thought I might “go out on a limb” and ask anyway.
    Keep doodling – you’re brilliant

    • Hi! Unfortunately I can’t really just give away my art – once I do it for one person, I have to do it for everyone. I can, however, offer to design you a logo for a price I’m willing to negotiate with what you think would be reasonable. I can be e-mailed at julia.m.hass [at]

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