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Hurricane Sandy and the Greatest City in the World


If you listen closely to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, you can hear the strains of a familiar refrain beginning, the same one that starts when anything happens in the self-proclaimed center of the universe: the cheers that New York City is the greatest city in the world and that the aftermath of Sandy only proves it. (Never mind that Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic were hit equally hard and don’t have the same financial or governmental mechanisms to help them recover. America!) Inherent in this message is that there’s that there’s something that makes the people there better, that the heroic feats carried out by people in the wake of Sandy would not – nay, could not – be carried out by anyone anywhere else, ever. So before we all give in to that temptation, let’s call out what this sort of thing is – it’s bullshit.

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Introducing Bazza, Echidna Extraordinaire


So there I was, innocently doing actual artwork on a Friday night, when my google reader told me that Cute Overload had linked to this video of a baby echidna (which are called “puggles”, because why not, it’s adorable). I’m proud to say I reacted in a very adult manner, if “screaming loudly and finding every youtube video I could on echidnas” counts as “adult”.

Echidnas are cool little critters. They’re the only mammal besides platypi who lay eggs. They don’t have mammary glands, instead mama echidnas sweat out their milk in little pools called “milk patches”. The papas have the world’s most terrifying four-pronged penises. Sometimes they blow bubbles out their noses. And they’re cute. Stupidly, ridiculously cute.

I sadly cannot own one as a pet (though this should not stop any of you from trying to get me one for my birthday), so instead I doodled this little guy. I’ve named him Bazza because, an Australian friend assures me, that’s one of the most stereotypically Australian things I can name him. Bazza may one day go on adventures, but for now, he’s just gonna chill a bit and look cute.


Welcome to the Argyle Zoo

I’m alive!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, this might not be nearly as exciting news. But for those of you who don’t, I’ve had an extremely busy month and a half filled with both new projects for work (I’ll link you when they’re done), real life projects (learning to drive, making loud, sarcastic comments at the presidential debates), and a good old-fashioned heavy dose of writer’s block.

In the midst of all this busyness, I finally ordered the Wacom tablet my parents promised me for Hannukah years ago but I’d been dithering over which model to get ever since. For any artists following me, I honestly cannot recommend a tablet highly enough. Every piece of artwork I used to post was scanned and then cleaned pixel-by-pixel by hand and colored in in excruciatingly slow detail. I’m honestly amazed I ever posted any art at all. But getting a Wacom finally allowed me to do what I’d been dreaming of doing for years – creating designs clean and professional enough to send in to Threadless.

This is my first design, which I originally made for a Gap Kids contest that I didn’t make the deadline of. I ended up loving it so much, though, that I decided to just submit it anyway. If you love it too, it would mean a ton to me for you to go rate it highly on Threadless at some point in the next five days. I’ve also made this design available as a wallpaper (it’s 800px x 1200px, and I’ll be happy to re-size it on request).

Hopefully my projects will soon start finishing up and my writer’s block will go away and I’ll be able to post more. Until then, you guys who stick around are the best. You’re the wind beneath my wings. I love you. You’re awesome.

Now go vote for my fucking t-shirt.