Teen Wolf – How to get your friends to watch (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about this new show called Teen Wolf. Maybe you’ve already succumbed and are a hardcore fan of Teen Wolf, but can’t convince your friends that it’s actually The Greatest Summer Show Ever (which it is). As someone who’s fallen headlong in love with it, I want everyone to watch it with me, which is why I have prepared this handy guide to rebut the most common reasons I hear people give for not watching this magnificent show.

The Pilot kind of sucks.
Yes, the initial few episodes of Teen Wolf are a little rocky. The actors (with the exception of Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, who is forever one of the greatest television characters of all time ever) take a bit to settle into their roles and you will several times wonder if they were chose more for their looks or their talent. All I can say is stick with it. Read recaps, if you have to. Because things start picking up around episode three and the awesome keeps snowballing exponentially from there. By episode five there’s a parent-teacher conference montage (you’ll know it when you see it) that’s going to make you go “goddammit, I love every single one of these terrible losers!”, and you won’t even mean it ironically.

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5 responses to “Teen Wolf – How to get your friends to watch (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

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  2. Hi Julia, I came across your blog from WordPress’ Freshly Pressed feature and really enjoy your writing. I particularly like this post, because I’m a fan of the TV show myself! This post inspired me to write something similar on my blog, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve mentioned your name there to credit your name properly. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration and lastly, keep up the great work! 🙂


    • Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed and I was honored when I saw the link. The only thing I’d ask is that you link to the original article on CliqueClack (that’s in the “read more” link) rather than the small snippet I’ve posted here. Thanks again!

  3. Yeah Julia, you’re always featured on “Freshly Pressed” and for that I have nominated you for an OLBA, please accept your award on my page:

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