Bust With Camellias

Hey, look, some artwork! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not because I haven’t been doing art, but because I haven’t really been producing anything I’m very happy with, besides this, which marks a few firsts for me. The first first is that I have never drawn naked boobs before, but every time I tried to cover those bad boys up I was like “no, no, I think they want to roam free”, so there they are. In all their freckled glory. The second is that I don’t think I ever draw women with short hair, which was really where the idea for this all started.

And the third and most exciting is that this is the first exploration I’ve made of using brushes, which I was turned on to by the very talented Kali Ciesemier in a post she made on her tumblr, which is probably the most helpful post I’ve ever read by any artist in my entire life. I’ve never liked the unnaturally smooth look of Photoshop coloring, and I’ve always been very, very frustrated when I need to change a line that I drew in pencil, and anything I drew in Photoshop looked different. In order to get the look I wanted, I had to spend weeks micro-managing every pixel to get it to look like I wasn’t micro-managing every pixel.

But thanks to some amazing brushes by Chris Wahl, this took me about an hour and a half, max. I didn’t have to google search random things to use as layers and hope they worked, I didn’t have to zoom in super close to preciously erase things and then hate that they looked so preciously erased, I just… colored. And it was great.

Also, those boobs look pretty good. If I do say so myself.


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