Legend of Korra – Let’s hear it for the girls (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Being a girl can be an extremely disheartening experience. Not because once a month your body betrays you in a mess of blood and hormones (though that’s never fun), but more because it often feels, especially lately, like you can’t wake up without some story about girls being harassed about anything from what hobbies they have to wanting to have access to birth control to the fact that now it is apparently wrong for us to even name the part of our bodies that makes us biologically female because ew, girl parts! Girls are super gross! And this is discounting sexist advertising (don’t get me started on sexist advertising), daily interactions with men who are creepy (inevitable), sexist movies, sexist TV shows, or even the super-sexist trending topics on twitter every single day.

It’s not just really, really, really nice to have things to remind you that everything gender-related sucks, but it’s remarkable that one of those things is a Saturday morning cartoon. I grew up on One Saturday Morning, which was pretty balanced, gender-wise. (Pepper Anne, Pepper Anne, she’s too cool for seventh grade!) It wasn’t until I was about thirteen and we got cable that I realized that cartoons were not usually very nice to girls. At all.

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