CliqueClack Goes to the Emmys – Rewarding bad comedy (and other introductory matters) (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

It’s that time of year again; the time of year where I start compiling my dream Emmy ballots for the comedy category. This year, instead of making one master post, I decided to make a bit of a thing of it — five weeks leading up to nominations, five categories, five columns detailing my thoughts on each race. Great, right? I thought so. I think you’ll all enjoy the ride.

As part of being a conscientious TV blogger, I made a point of researching other people’s picks. Because while I watch almost every sitcom, I don’t actually watch all of them, and I like to be thorough. But what I found in all the predictive blogs both shocked and appalled me. What on earth were these people smoking? Did they really think that the Emmys would reward these performances and ignore so many other great ones? Why is The Big Bang Theory even a thing?! And then I remembered, this happens every year. Every year, the Emmys make terrible, terrible choices. (As Ron Swanson says, I’d like awards shows better if awards went to the right people.) And while I want to blame this just on the Emmy organization, I can’t, really. Because the fact is, as someone who unabashedly adores and follows comedy closely, I’ve noticed something: America has an addiction for outright bad comedy television. (This, frankly, is the only explanation I have come up with for the continued existence of 2 1/2 Men.) So America, I am here to tell you — you should do better. You can do better. There are many better fish in the sea, and it is your patriotic duty to be watching them. And I like to think that my Emmy ballots just may be the start of something beautiful, like you gaining the self-esteem to love sitcoms who can love you back the way you deserve.

And so, before we start on the grand journey of what I have picked as deserving this year’s comedy Emmys, I feel there are a few problems we should address about what’s wrong with how we normally choose who gets those ever-so-coveted awards.

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