Introducing Bombshell Betties

I’d like to introduce you all to a new series of characters I’m doing called Bombshell Betties. Above is the lovely lady who started it all, Beachside Betty. Well, really, what started it all was waking up with a shape in my head.

This, for anyone wondering, was the shape:

It was kind of like having a song stuck in my head, but instead of a song, that shape kept bugging me and bugging me. And when I finally sat down to draw it, Betty was born.

Betty has friends, too. There’s Boating Betty:

And Bedroom Betty:

And I’m sure there are more just waiting to join them.

I’m not sure what the Betties are going to turn into – I still haven’t figured out backgrounds, for example – but for now I’m really enjoying just churning them out.  I’m sort of getting why Rubens stuck to painting ladies like the Betties. There’s something about all that curve that just makes drawing them a little more fun.


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