Legend of Korra – The Politics of Bending (Co-Written with Katie Schenkel, Originally for CliqueClack TV)

There was no new Korra this weekend because of Memorial Day (terrible, I know), but that shouldn’t stop us from having fun, should it? So this week, I’ve roped in fellow CliqueClack writer, Korra fan, and general excellent human being Katie to discuss the politics of bending, anti-bending sentiment, and to examine if Amon is really as bad as he appears.

Julia: So here’s something to debate — is Amon’s message necessarily bad?

I mean, to put it into real-world terms, being born a bender, in Republic City, is a massive privilege. The city is governed entirely by benders. Every seat of power is held by a bender. The supreme ruler of everything is that way because they can bend all four elements. Bending is fetishized and revered (think pro bending). Gangs of benders roam the streets keeping law and order based on their own whims.

And yet a good portion of the city are non-benders, and where does that leave them? What voice do they have? Sure, they can go the route of Hiroshi Sato, but even he isn’t safe from benders coming in and killing the ones he loves. The owner of Cabbage Corp (presumably also not a bender) is found suspicious and framed despite his wealth and prestige, because all it takes is a plant and the fact that he’s not a bender. And I’m sure making money is easier if you’re a bender than it is if you’re not.

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