Legend of Korra – Fast times at Republic City High (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Despite what many coming of age romcoms would have you believe, high school is actually the worst time of almost everyone’s life. And, as a highschooler, I never understood why older people insisted it was the best time. In fact, it freaked me out. Really? This was the best my life was going to get? My life was going to suck so much. It wasn’t until I watched this week’s Legend of Korra episode that I got what those people meant — high school isn’t the best time of my life for me, it’s the the best time of my life for other people to watch. High school shenanigans are, from the outside, entertaining as all get-out.

Case in point, this episode. Bolin likes Korra! Korra likes Mako! Mako likes Korra but is intimidated by her and also likes Asami, who’s accessable, so he’s dating Asami! Korra goes out with Bolin on what she clearly doesn’t realize is a date! Then Korra kisses Mako! And Bolin sees! Meanwhile, high stakes pro-bending! (And who will take Korra to prom?!?! Also, is there such a thing as hormone-bending? Because there should be.)

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