A sketch of a boy (and an ode to things unfinished)

Between real life stress, job hunting, and just the natural cycle of creativity being a fickle mistress, I’ve been in a bit of an art rut lately. I have no real advice for how to break an artist’s block, either when it comes to writing or drawing, except to just keep doing it. So I gamely took out my pencils, paper, found some reference pictures I liked, and got to it.

I decided to focus on sketching dudes, since I almost always end up drawing women. Even when I intend to draw guys, they usually end up so girly looking I just turn them into women and pretend that was my intention in the first place. This guy is still pretty feminine, even if I did base him off a hockey player whose face I liked. (Sorry, Niklas Hjalmarsson, this doesn’t actually look anything like you.)

I think the thing I find hardest about art – and I find it pretty hard in real life, too, though not as difficult as I find it when it comes to being creative – is knowing when to stop and decide that simple is best. I kept sitting, staring at this sketch and loving it so much exactly the way it was. I loved the incomplete head, I loved lack of body and background, I loved how unfinished it looked. And so I decided to do something radical – I decided to stop.

Okay, to be fair, I actually stopped because I just didn’t have a clear idea of what to do from this point onward, but let’s make it a moral victory, shall we? The point is, I stopped and I liked it.


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