Legend of Korra – Don’t hate the player (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Going into this week’s episode of Legend of Korra, I was nervous. Not for Korra’s storyline (which, by the way, was great), but because I knew, based on the previews, that the character of Asami was slated to show up.

As much as I love having TV shows where there are ensembles that include multiple awesome, kickass ladies, they always make me nervous. Not because I think the writers of Korra can’t handle multiple awesome female characters, because they’ve proven they can in the past, but because because inevitably, one of them will be favored over the other. And when that happens, a whole lot of sexist language will be used back and forth, and the fans of the show in question will make me sad. And Korra fans, when I went through tumblr and twitter after the episode aired, you did not fail to disappoint.

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