Legend of Korra – Living for the city (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

I always say that you can never judge a TV series until the episode after the pilot. Pilots are workshopped and fussed over for ages, and there’s a lot of establishing work that won’t have to be done in later episodes that pilots usually have to cover. If you really want to know what a show’s going to be like, I always advise watching through at least the second or third episode. And so it always makes me nervous when there’s a pilot is as good as Legend of Korra’s was, because what if the rest of the show doesn’t live up to that?

Luckily for all of us, Korra shows no sign of slumping soon. In fact, if anything, it’s gotten better and grown on all the things I loved about the pilot. I am so, so enamored with the new world of Republic City that Korra lives in.  Not just because it hits all of my history nerd buttons, but because it’s so rich and clearly well-researched. It feels weird to think of Republic City as “period accurate”, since it’s a fantasy world, but let’s put it this way — obviously, Korra has a crack research team that spent a lot of time learning about the culture of major cities in the early 20th century, because they’ve got everything down to a T, from the factories (and shoutout to that shot of Mako working in the powerplant — as my brother said, “I’m a straight dude, and even I got that he was hot in that”) to street culture, it’s like watching a fantasy version of Newsies.

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