Sherlock – The best and worst 90 minutes of your life (Originally for CliqueClack TV, Co-Written with Katie Schenkel)

Julia: So first of all, I feel like we should apologize to our readers for putting this up so late. It’s about 90% my fault because the only way I got through this episode was watching it in ten to fifteen minute increments spread out over two days because it was just too much for me to take all at once. My sister kept walking in on me curled in the fetal position around my pillow or violently pausing to shout, “WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY LIFE?!” at the computer screen and pointed out that this is why I never normally get into dramas. When I tried to explain to her that Sherlock is usually my happy place filled with vaguely gay, super-endearing British dudes who cavort around London solving crimes and being adorable to jaunty music, she was like, “You know you sound like you’re in an abusive relationship with this show, right?” And I was like “No! But I deserve to be hurt! And when it’s good, it’s so good between us! It’s my fault! Maybe if I just love the show more it will stop hurting me so much!” And then she shook her head and left the room.

No one in my family understands me. But you, Katie. You understand me.

Katie:  When I re-watched the finale, I just kept thinking, “This is … the best show on television. Hands down.” It’s so beautifully written, it’s so clever and it’s so moving.

Julia: I’m always reluctant to give any show the “best on television” moniker, especially when it’s not in a genre-specific discussion. That’s like choosing the best food — there’s no best food. There’s the best cake or best sandwich, but there isn’t, like, one food that’s better than everything. But I will definitely agree that Sherlock is the best drama on television.  And you can tell this because I actually watch without getting bored, rolling my eyes, and making fun of all the melodramatic music cues.

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One response to “Sherlock – The best and worst 90 minutes of your life (Originally for CliqueClack TV, Co-Written with Katie Schenkel)

  1. I love this show. Everything about it (except the fact that it is not available in America yet) it just right. Perfect.

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