Sherlock – The Hound cometh before the Fall (Originally for CliqueClack TV, Co-Written with Katie Schenkel)

Julia: I’m not sure if two seasons make it count as a trend, but historically speaking I don’t like the middle episode of Sherlock as much as I like the first and third. I’m not sure if I liked this or last week’s better, but I do know that this week when the episode wasn’t in London, it made me feel like some vital character was missing. Because it’s not in London, and because it goes too far into Brontë-esque Gothic whackadoo for my tastes,  The Hound of the Baskervilles has always been one of my least favorite Holmes stories. So I should admit that while I really deeply enjoyed the episode, it’s very hard for me to be totally objective with my bias that has preexisted ever since I first saw the Baskervilles episode of Wishbone when I was, like, five.

Sherlock   The Hound cometh before the Fall [cleardot] (IMAGE)
Katie: While I’m with you on the first series’ middle episode, I actually enjoyed this episode far more than last week’s. I’m sure part of that was because I couldn’t for the life of me remember how The Hound of Baskerville originally ended, so I’m was really in the dark the whole episode (although I totally guessed who the villain was, just not how he did it). There was a whole lot of tension throughout the story, and I liked seeing Sherlock scared, even if he was mostly scared that he didn’t understand what his brain was telling him.

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