Merlin – How to ruin Arthurian legend in one easy step (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Well, kids, it’s happened — we have lived through the very worst Merlin episode of all time. I won’t say it won’t get worse than that ever again, because that just seems like somehow the Merlin writers (because, let’s blame who’s culpable here — it wasn’t the actors, all of whom knocked their performances out of it park) would hear that and be all “challenge accepted!”

The Merlin writers and I — as I have often mentioned before — have a relationship that most closely resembles dating someone who is extremely insecure and emotionally unstable, but the sex is really good. Every time you think that that’s totally not enough to continue having a relationship, they go and do something super-sweet, which makes it harder for you to break up next time they act like a jerk. At the beginning of this season, our relationship was beautiful and idyllic and everything I have ever wanted from it. Our heroes were dashing, the storylines had some vague semblance of coherency, and many swashes were buckled. And then came last week, which was just meh, and this week, which made me long for snake-ladies all over again. I’m not even sure where to begin with what was so appalling about this episode, but I think what it comes down to is heinous, irresponsible writing.

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