Favorite New Fall Show Poll – Up All Night (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

This week, we at CliqueClack are asking you to vote for your favorite new fall shows to watch and for those that you would recommend to others. The winter hiatus is the perfect time to catch up on new shows you didn’t initially watch. Our first Clacker’s pick is Julia’s for Up All Night!

When I initially decided to watch Up All Night, I did not expect to find it nearly as charming as I do. I thought it would be fun and enjoyable, but I was less a-quiver at the mere prospect of it and more just excited to see something Maya Rudolph was in. And while Maya Rudolph is probably the best part of this show (when isn’t she the best part of a show?), Up All Night has completely exceeded my expectations and, although New Girl occasionally gives it a run for its money, has secured its place as my pick for best new comedy of the fall season.

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