Merlin – The rough patch (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

We all knew this televisual make-out session Merlin and I were having was too good to last. It’s physically impossible for me to love every single episode of a season, and while season four and I had a great run, we’ve reached it: the first episode of the season I really didn’t like.

It’s not because of the blatant sexism (and oh, I could go into such a long, Women’s Studies 101 rant about the portrayal of female sexuality in this episode, but that’s boring and off-point, so I’ll refrain), or just because I’m just plain sick of Everyone’s A Dick To Merlin episodes (though they still grate mightily), but because the writers of this show seem capable of writing Merlin and Arthur interaction well, or Merlin and Gwen interaction well, but the second they put all three of them together, and everything crumbles.

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