Merlin – Dragon stuff and nonsense (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

I tend to judge a show based not only on how glorious it can be at the apex of its awesome, but based on the quality of its filler episodes. Because let’s face it, there is no such thing as a show that doesn’t have filler episodes. And no matter how a show tries to hide it, you can always tell which ones they are, too. The better quality a show is, the less you care about the fact that they exist because they’re still completely delightful. The more the quality dips, the less it tends to dip during sweeps or premieres or finales, but during the filler episodes.

Merlin is a pretty good example of this axiom. The first season had almost no episodes that felt like filler even when they were. It might have, in part, just been shiny new-show smell. Seeing another tournament or magical creature wreak havoc didn’t feel as played out then because it wasn’t played out, yet. It is entirely possible that if some of the season 1 episodes aired next week, I’d go “what is this crap?” and feel totally unfulfilled. Season two’s filler was more obvious, but still highly enjoyable. Season three sank to near-unbearable levels of tedium and terrible writing during filler in spite of the phenomenal efforts during the premiere and finale.

This is the first episode of season four that has been filler, and I have to say, if this is going to be the state of filler for the rest of the season, we could very easily reach season two levels of campy mindless joy, if not season one levels. This is not to say that it was a deep episode or that there’s a lot to say about it — it wasn’t and there isn’t. Like, I feel bad for not being able to write my usual 1500 word feelings-vomit that occasionally brushes past actual philosophical depth, but this episode was just not the kind of episode that inspires that. Which is not to say it was bad, because it was a thoroughly enjoyable and Merlin-esque magical romp, it just wasn’t particularly deep.

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One response to “Merlin – Dragon stuff and nonsense (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

  1. Somehow the obvious is always left out.
    None of the clever and strong ones bothers to say it.
    all women between 15 and 70 want to be as lucky as Gwen. All handsome men are after her even if she is pretty common, of very humble condition and quite plain, all men are ready and eager to give their lives for her.
    Arthur, Lancelot, Gwaine are all deeply romantically in love with her and Merlin offered his life to save hers.
    What woman no matter how humble and common wouldn’t want to be the center of all attention?
    Thus all women with a bit of imagination and culture are prone to be Merlin’s fans.
    They will truly suffer when the show will end.
    It is not only about Gwen.
    All women from 25 to 70 would love to see such a good son as Merlin is to his mother or Arthur is to his father.
    They love to see how a lonely old man like Gaius is loved and respected by the young ones in the story and especially by Merlin who is actually a total stranger showing the right amount of gratitude any young person should display toward the old ones.
    AND : all women secretly feel they are as strong and special and powerful as the mighty warlock is. If the bully husband says : I can take you apart with one blow, the wife thinks : I can take you apart with less than that.
    In short the show is perfect as it is for all children, mothers and grandmothers because they are the first who need a kind word ( from Merlin) and the feeling that there is still some innocence, goodness and decency in the world ( as it is in Merlin)

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