Hawaii Five-0 – Not exactly lady’s choice (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Dear Hawaii Five-0,

It seems to me that you and I need to have a talk. Remember last week when I discussed how you are a compulsive people-pleaser who, rather than being happy with what you’re really good at, always seems to want to fix something that ain’t broke, thereby breaking it in the process? And how all I really wanted was everyone being bantering best bros and stuff to be pretty? You seem to need to hear this again, so let me repeat it for you: You were just fine the way you were. And, really, your constant attempts to re-vamp yourself are starting to get annoying.

I think, though, what bothers me about your continued attempts to “improve” yourselves is the very strong sense I get of why you are attempting to improve yourself. Namely, I feel like you’re trying to cater to the lady demographic. As part of that demographic, I beg of you to stop. Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself; you’re irritating me; and, what’s more, I feel like you really have no idea what women actually want to watch on television. Because you seem to believe that unless there are token girl characters and romantic tension, we women will suddenly become terribly bored with you and go back to knitting or The Bachelor or whatever else it is you think we do. I promise you, that is not true.

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