Letter to a Kid, Unsent (Originally for hitRECord)

The thing about you, kid – can I call you kid? – is that you’re fucking heartbreak from start to finish. There’s nothing that hurts more than watching someone grow up. It’s like, you ever see a little kid touch something out of the oven for the first time? It’s really hot, and they burn their hand, and when they cry it’s like they’re betrayed, like they can’t believe that pan they trusted hurt them. It’s like that with you every time the world betrays you, only you’re full-grown and I can’t help but think you’re just a kid, fuck, you’re just one big goddamn kid.

See that’s what makes you so stupid-beautiful, is that you never grow up. Like you can’t, or maybe you just won’t – maybe that’s the secret, you refuse to, and fuck what your body and physics and the whole goddamn world is saying. You’re Peter Pan, you’re Superman, you don’t have to obey the rules like everyone else. It makes it hard not to love you, all broken open and raw and reckless, makes it hard not to want to just hold you close and hurt anything that could hurt you.

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