Hawaii Five-0 – Mo’ guest stars, mo’ problems (Originally for CliqueClack TV, Co-Written with An Nicholson)

It’s been a weird sort of week for me for a lot of reasons no one cares about, like my computer imploding. But one super-weird thing about my week was definitely Hawaii Five-0.

Normally, when I tell people how much I love Hawaii Five-0, I get a lot of incredulous looks and raised eyebrows, and I’m forced to explain that it’s really a great character show that’s only the vaguest of tributes to the original and is nothing like a normal procedural drama, and how great the acting is. It’s one of those subjects that people walk away from discussing with me a half hour later kind of dazed and wishing they’d never brought up in the first place.

But this week, I felt like I was watching a completely different show. The writing was weird, the characters seemed inconsistent, and P. Diddy (Puff Daddy? I can’t keep up with his moniker of the week)… well, let’s just say it’s lucky An was up for a little back and forth she said/she said to sort through this mess of an episode.

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