Bones – The postmortem of the plot device (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Ding dong, another Bones plot device is gone. Because honestly, that was pretty much the entire point of this episode. Forget the BMX riders and Sweets and whatever else passed for “plot”, the real take-away is that Hannah is now out of the picture. Even though I’ve gone from hating Hannah to being, well, not exactly fond of her, but not thinking of her as all that awful, she still never was quite able to shake the fact that she existed for no other reason than to be a giant walking plot device. And what’s more, she was a poorly written one. She was a bad choice for the writers to make.

Television writers make terrible choices all the time, because everyone makes bad choices sometimes. And like everyone’s bad decisions, there’s no shame in making a few. But here’s what I love about television so much more than any type of media — not only are the mistakes broadcast, quite literally, to the world at large, but once they are, there’s real-time feedback that allows for writers to hear what they did wrong and fix it. No, they can’t change the past, but they can write around their blunders. You can’t do that with a movie or a book. Once it’s done, it’s done. The ability to grow and tweak your story as you go is what makes television so great, and is the reason I love it so very much.

I just wish someone would convey this point to the Bones writers, because I don’t think they’ve learned a damn thing.

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