Hawaii Five-0 – Much bigger than a tidal wave (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Ironically enough, I usually strongly dislike crime procedural dramas. (I say “ironically” because the two American shows I cover here are Bones and Hawaii Five-0.)

Usually what turns me off about these shows is that everything happens in a one-episode vacuum with no thoughts for repercussions or morality. The cops/detectives aren’t people, they’re human incarnations of the audience that are completely unaffected by the horrors we’re supposed to believe they are constantly exposed to. They have no personality or life outside of the show. What draws me to any show is the human element, and recurring characters who endear themselves to me are what keeps me coming back and turns me from a casual viewer who will watch occasionally while chopping vegetables for dinner to an honest-to-God fan who would never miss an episode. There are a lot of shows that attempt to do that, mostly with limited success. Bones did it first, which is what drew me to that show, Castle made a serious attempt to replicate that, but I was never as endeared to the characters (which is why I’m a casual viewer) , but I think, far and away, Hawaii Five-0 does it best.

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