Bones – The confusion in the breakdown (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

So a little over 24 hours ago I fired up the screener we received for Bones, thinking to myself, “Hey, I’ll get a head start on writing my review and it’ll be done ahead of time and I’ll feel great!” Cut to now, when I’ve spent all day pondering on and re-watching this episode, and I’ve still got no clue on what to write. I don’t even know how I feel about it, yet. I’m just a big old blank.

Usually, my writing a review is really simple. I watch the episode, and take bullet points I put under the headers “GOOD” and “BAD.” At the end, I see which side had more bullet points, choose a few I feel strongly about, and write the review. Easy-peasy. This episode, not only did my bullet points come out about equal, but there was a third category I’d created with the header “?????”. And under all of my categories the bullet points, instead of reading their usual “scene w/Angela + Hodg. adorable!” had a lot of rambling capslock and over-punctuation, and at the end of each note is another note telling me that I’ve further discussed this matter in both of the other sections.

In short, we’d reached the end of what I considered a two part mega-episode about Brennan and her feelings. I was sure that by the end of it I’d know not only how I felt about this episode, but about the episode before it, and on top of that, I’d know about my feelings on this season as a whole, which has just felt so notably different from what came before.

But really, all I am is more confused than I started out.

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