Merlin – Graduating to greatness (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Once upon a time, there was a show called Merlin. It was an exceedingly campy re-telling of the Arthurian legends, only re-imagined so Arthur and Merlin were young and totally repressing their big bromantic love, Morgana was evil, but in a totally awesome way, and Gwen quietly kicked ass. It was a good show.  Sadly, it started being replaced by what I can only describe as a spin-off called Camelot High, where Merlin played the sassy friend who never gets any while Arthur and Gwen acted out every Taylor Swift song ever and Morgana smirked so hard I thought she was going to pull something, but magically, no one noticed her smirking.

The Camelot High version of Merlin was not, in and of itself, a bad show.  Certainly not any worse than a show about stupid teenagers doing stupid things. The problem with it was that, if you remembered the way Merlin started, it just seemed so awful in comparison. The characters were one-dimensional and inconsistent, the plots were repetitive, it was just kind of … blah. But I had resigned myself to stop fighting it and just accept that this was the state of Merlin affairs, these days.

I am pleased, however, to announce that once again, Merlin is back on air, and oh my gosh, does it feel good to watch it again. This is the show I remember! With the epic fighting and the giant legendary plots and the characters that make sense! Why did this show ever go away?

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