Merlin – The quest for the perfect episode (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Dear Merlin,

We have a complicated, semi-abusive relationship, you and I.  The thing is, I love you, but sometimes I also hate you a little. You delight me, and yet, you frustrate me, because I see how much potential you have and you seem to have a pathological desire to fall just short of it. It’s like you’re afraid of how totally, completely, brain-bendingly awesome you could be.

Don’t take me wrong, darling show of mine. You are still pretty awesome. But, well, let’s take this episode. You did a whole lot of good. You did so much good it was suspiciously as though you were reading my thoughts on  how to make Season four consistently better instead of flashing from hot to cold like you’re going through menopause. You were like, 90% perfect.

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