Merlin – The Castle of Fyrien, the good parts version (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

Cenred: Hello, Gwen. I’ve finally caught on to the fact that dramatic violins appear every time you and Arthur get within fifty feet of each other, so I decided to kidnap you. Hope you don’t mind.
Gwen: Didn’t I get kidnapped with Morgana last season for a shockingly similar reason? Are we still re-using scripts?
Cenred: But this time, I have your long lost brother! Haven’t used that trick yet, have I?
Gwen: The long-lost brother trick? Really? Isn’t that a little… soap opera-esque? I thought this was supposed to be the episode I finally got character growth.
Cenred: Think of it this way – you finally have an actual storyline that involves you doing more than saying empty platitudes to Arthur while looking pretty.  This time, you’ll be riding next to him being useless and pretty.
Gwen: I suppose that could be a start.
Cenred: Also, if you don’t fetch Arthur to me to kill, I’ll kill your brother.
Gwen: …That too.

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