Bones – Lots of Jersey, not a lot of smarts (Originally for CliqueClack TV)

There were some strange goings-on in Bones this week. And I’m not just talking about Vincent Nigel-Murray’s Colin Fisher’s mood change. Maybe it was just that whatever planets aligned to bring Bones and The Jersey Shore together stirred up some strange juju. It wasn’t bad weird, just decidedly… weird.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve never caught onto the whole Jersey Shore thing. I will watch all sorts of trash television, but I draw the line at this. I personally blame my New Jersey extended family. My friends watch it as a sociological study, much like Brennan, but when you’ve actually met those sorts of people, they’re pretty much the opposite of charming. Let’s put it this way — I don’t support murder, but I think when I sympathize more with the murderer than with the victim, it’s a problem. When Booth had his whole monologue about how the victim was just a kid trying to enjoy the shore, I wasn’t cheering him on. Instead I was wondering where he’d gotten that from. When did we learn anything credible about the victim besides that he didn’t use steroids? Because excuse me for not believing the girl who claimed to have a deep and everlasting connection with him when he called her a “grenade” as far as character assessment goes.

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