Merlin – Goblins, farts, and donkeys, oh my! (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

Every once in a while, the writers of Merlin sit down, take a coffee break (or maybe they break for tea, I don’t know, they’re British) and go, “Oh, right, during our trajectory of darker and more mature, we forgot we were supposed to be a kids’ show, didn’t we?” I blame those sorts of revelations for the reason we get episodes like this. Not that it was terrible, mind you, but it just wasn’t the usual Merlin fare. It wasn’t quite … oh, how about Ruby and I break it down for you.

Julia: So I remember that sometimes, when I was reading the Harry Potter books, Harry would seem irredeemably stupid. I honestly could not believe that he’d stayed alive that long when he was incapable of noticing how often people wanted to kill him. And I was totally convinced that there was no way a fantasy hero could get any dumber than Harry Potter, until Merlin came along. Oh, Merlin. You are adorable. You looked extra adorable this episode when the writers let you smile and stuff instead of being in constant kicked-puppy agony. But by god, you are dumb. Oh, look, you’re in a super secret room and there’s a moving, locked box! Yes, I think that there’s no way opening it could possibly go wrong. And then he was all, “Oh, woe is me, there’s a goblin running around Camelot.” Well whose fault is that, do you think?

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