Merlin – The battle for Camelot, now with a commentary track (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

My Merlin co-fanatic was busy with Yom Kippur, but she wanted to help out with this Merlin post — so she kindly summarized the entire episode in Julia-speak. I have inserted my thoughts, DVD-commentary-track style. Now visualize the scenes, and imagine my voice piping in at key moments.


(In a cave somewhere)

Dragon: Wakey wakey, young warlock.

Merlin: Ow. I hurt all over but strangely, I’m no longer dying.

Dragon: Yes, I magically did a charm that cures all your problems, because I’m a dragon.

Merlin: I would normally question the massive hand-waving going on here, but I’m a bit too busy being grateful you’re not trying to kill me.

Dragon: Well, you’ve tamed me now, Merlin. And you must remember, you are forever responsible for that which you have tamed….

Merlin: Huh?

Dragon: Oops, sorry. Wrong little prince. I get all mixed up, sometimes.

Merlin: I’m just going to go back to sleep and pretend this is the venom talking.


(Read more…)


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