Merlin – The formula for a good time: bromance, magic, and a total lack of logic (Origially for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

Just like Eminem, guess who’s back, back again? This season, Ruby and I just couldn’t wait for Merlin to come to American television. Who cares if Merlin is only airing in the UK? Enterprising fans such as ourselves are taking to the internet, and we can’t help but watch early. We’re weak-willed and desperate for more campy medieval romps filled with CGI monsters and battles between good and evil, what can we say.

Julia: I made a resolution to myself this season. “Self,” I said, “let’s try to remember, however much you think they are, Merlin and Arthur are not boyfriends, and they’re not flirting.” I decide that I’m going to banish the idea once and for all, and then … we open on Merlin and Arthur, looking yummy and slightly damp, and instead of going, “Oh, crap, there are thousands of dead people here,” they’re verbally pulling each other’s pigtails. Followed by them having a conversation about each other’s rear ends.

I think this show is mocking me.

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