When CliqueClack spoke to Bradley James: the audio (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Do not ever let it be said that I don’t respond to requests.

The day before I went on vacation I had an interview with Bradley James, which, as was mentioned in the transcript, had some technical difficulties. We had an audio delay, for one, and then in the middle of the interview our connection actually cut out in the middle. I had intended to do an audio recording with the transcript, but after all that I cut my losses, transcribed it the best I could (editing out all the “oh, no, I’m sorry, phone delay, you finish talking first” and “what? Can’t hear you, bad connections”), and put it up. And you all liked it! You really liked it! So I was pleased, and I went on vacation with no internet for a week.

And then I came back.

Now, as anyone who leaves their inbox for a while knows, you get a lot of e-mail when you’re gone for a week. When I came back, I had over 100 messages (which is a weirdly large number, even for someone who e-mails as much as I do), and not one, not two,  but about ten of them (at least) were asking for the audio from the interview.  So the moral of this story is this: nag, my friends, and ye shall receive. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the audio delay.

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