Clacking With Julia – This feminist revolution will not be televised (and should not be blogged) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

I love comedy. I love feminism. I love it when the two come together. (And hate it when, more often than not, they don’t.) I also love The Daily Show. Until recently, this was not related to the first two things I love.

I also love Jezebel. It’s like what lady magazines like Cosmo or Elle should be — more concerned with issues that matter in the world of politics or questions women actually have (“Why did no one ever teach me how to use eyeshadow/flirt/change a tire? How do I do that?” as opposed to “What’s the hot new nail color?”).  And then a bit ago Jezebel published a piece about how The Daily Show is sexist. (And another. And another. And then other blogs had to pipe in too.) And then the women who work on The Daily Show fired back. Except that the feminist blogosphere is still pissed. Blargh, our rights!

Oh no, my loyalties should be totally torn, right?! I mean, clearly, my loyalties should lie with the sacred comedic sisterhood, and yet I should feel a pang for my beloved show. But ladies, am I right? Feminism!


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