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Spiced Peach Cupcakes with Honey Cream Frosting (Originally for Clique Clack Food)

My parents were away for the weekend, my sister was out for the day, and I was home alone with a refrigerator full of food and my mother’s vague instructions that maybe I should do something with it instead of sitting on my couch all weekend watching the all-day Dogs v. Cats marathon on Animal Planet. (Which, whatever, was totally awesome.) I’d sauteed up the kale, I’d made some turkey meatballs that were good but the recipe needed tweaking before I was comfortable showing it to anyone, and all we had for dessert was a frostbitten fudgesicle, mango sorbet, and three over-ripe peaches that my mom told me I should get rid of. And then somewhere between my billionth episode of Dogs 101 I had a terrible, brilliant idea.

I should make up a dessert recipe.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Personality, NappyTabs, and the Hand of God (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

This week on So You Think You Can Get An Injury Bad Enough To Earn You A Tearful Goodbye, Billy Bell did something to some body part we don’t care about and he’s going home. Oh, and some people danced and stuff, too.

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Merlin – The very best of season 2 (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Ruby and I have been feeling a little bereft lately without Merlin to comfort us, or bind us together. It’s like the magic (har har) has gone out of our relationship. What are we supposed to talk about besides Merlin? Our hopes? Our dreams? Our feelings? Bah.

Screw that, said we. We’d much rather take a retrospective look back at the second season, and count down our favorite moments.

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Clacking With Julia – This feminist revolution will not be televised (and should not be blogged) (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

I love comedy. I love feminism. I love it when the two come together. (And hate it when, more often than not, they don’t.) I also love The Daily Show. Until recently, this was not related to the first two things I love.

I also love Jezebel. It’s like what lady magazines like Cosmo or Elle should be — more concerned with issues that matter in the world of politics or questions women actually have (“Why did no one ever teach me how to use eyeshadow/flirt/change a tire? How do I do that?” as opposed to “What’s the hot new nail color?”).  And then a bit ago Jezebel published a piece about how The Daily Show is sexist. (And another. And another. And then other blogs had to pipe in too.) And then the women who work on The Daily Show fired back. Except that the feminist blogosphere is still pissed. Blargh, our rights!

Oh no, my loyalties should be totally torn, right?! I mean, clearly, my loyalties should lie with the sacred comedic sisterhood, and yet I should feel a pang for my beloved show. But ladies, am I right? Feminism!


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Merlin – Cutting a scene, cutting my heart (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Oh, Merlin. We have to talk about this abusive relationship we have with each other.

You see, I love you, in all of your camp-tastic glory. I love you so much that instead of waiting for the American airings, I find kindly British people who put up episodes the second they come out on YouTube.  I love you so much I can tell when someone is wearing a new piece of clothing, and exactly what other scenes they’ve worn it in. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Or a magical kid loves dragons. Or … hates dragons, as the case may have been last episode.

And because I love you, and because I have seen all the episodes beforehand, that when I was told to watch the SyFy version of the series 2 finale because a scene was missing, I immediately knew when it skipped over this scene, and I was greatly displeased.

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Merlin – Is Arthur finally getting in touch with his feelings? (Originally for Clique Clack Television, co-written with Ruby T.)

Julia: As awesome as coming in right at the beginning of a big fight is, I have to question a few things. One, why is the dragon attacking Camelot if it wants Arthur to become the once and future king? How’s Arthur supposed to become king if everyone’s dead? Or if he’s dead? And furthermore, why are they shooting at a dragon with flaming arrows? I get that it looks cool, but the dragon breathes fire. I think that trumps a little bit of burning kindling. I’m starting to think that Uther had the right idea, locking that dragon up.

Ruby: Perhaps this is the origin of the saying, “You can’t fight fire with fire.” I don’t know if the dragon actually wanted Arthur to become king of Camelot — he was just sweet-talking Merlin in order to get out of those chains. Here’s what stood out to me from that opening scene — Arthur’s big inspirational speech to his men was, “Hold firm! Tonight is not your night to die! I will make sure of that.” Yes, he will make sure of that … just like he did for all the other red shirts who got killed last week. When he said that, his knights probably just rolled their eyes. At least by the end of the episode, Arthur obtained a more realistic view — he admitted to his knights that their chances of surviving were slim. He’s learning to be more honest with people. I mean, think of it — he even broached the subject of feelings with Merlin!

Julia: I cannot be the only one who went, “Oh, Arthur!” in that scene at the inn. The whole “I know I’m a prince so we can never be friends” thing was just so, so sad. Just imagine him, all little and growing up with everyone fake-fawning over him and no one being honest and no friends at all, not until Merlin comes, and then he’s too emotionally constipated to do anything but drive Merlin mad and make his life a living hell because he has feelings. Feelings! Arthur, this is why I can never hate you no matter how much of a jerk you are. Because deep down inside, you have a soft, marshmallowy center that’s full of love and fuzzy bunnies and rainbows and all you want is to give Merlin a big old hug. Don’t lie. You know you do.

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