Merlin – Angsty girls and naughty, telepathic boys (Originally for Clique Clack Television, Co-Written with Ruby T.)

Ever since the season 1 episode “To Kill the King,” I have been waiting for Morgana to become the thorn in Uther’s side. And we all knew that Mordred, the little angel (from hell), would be back. Julia and I break it down in this week’s Merlin dialogue.

Ruby: So Morgana has been acting all angsty for a while now. (“Oh nooobody knows the trooouble I seeeen…” Sing it, girlfriend.) When Uther killed Gwen’s father last season, Morgana finally understood how unjust his laws against magic were. She thought that yelling at Uther would solve everything. His response? “If you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll throw your ass in jail.” And then he followed through. See, that’s the key to good parenting. When you make a threat, you have to follow through. (I know because I saw it on Supernanny.) Other than that one time, all of Morgana’s suffering has happened in her head. She knows that she has magic, and she’s perpetually afraid that Uther might find out. I suppose that’s what she means when she tells Mordred and Alvarr, “I too have known Uther’s cruelty.”

Julia: Yeah, Morgana, you’ve really known Uther’s cruelty. In your soft, warm bed. With your full belly. And your pretty dresses. Your life is so hard. It’s not like anyone else has to deal with what you’re going through – oh wait … (And Merlin doesn’t even get to do it in as much luxury!) Chin up, woman. On another note, this episode reminded me how much I missed the Morgana/Arthur sibling interaction.

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