Merlin – The course of true love never did run smooth… (Originally for Clique Clack Television)

Ah, true love. It’s a subject that has been debated since the beginning of time. In this Shakespearean-inspired instillation of Merlin conversation, Ruby and I once again get our hands dirty debating Arthur’s — is it Gwen? Is it Merlin? What is true love, anyway?

And why do I now have Haddaway stuck in my head?

Ruby: Do I detect echoes of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Trickler the Jester comes off like a classic Shakespearean fool, while also playing the role of Puck in this episode — although he kind of shares that role with Merlin. They’re both responsible for the romantic mayhem in the castle.

Julia: Definitely, definitely Shakespearean. Though I think Trickler’s much more like Puck — Merlin would be Oberon, perhaps? It’s not really a perfect metaphor. Though Arthur acted like an ass this entire episode. But perhaps not the head of an ass. If Arthur had the head of an ass, we’d miss out on all his amazing elastic face. His pretty, pretty face.

Ruby: We’ve spoken before of Bradley James’s epically hilarious facial expressions. Well, tonight was a bonanza. When Olaf growled, “Unhand her or suffer the consequences!” and Arthur grabbed Vivian’s hand to his chest, he made the most adorably ridiculous frown of indignation I’ve ever seen. And all the goofy grins, the pouts, the scowls… I was trying not to break a rib from laughing so hard. Bradley did good. His delivery was perfect — like when Gwen said she wasn’t there to wish him luck and he remarked, “Well, honestly, that’s rather rude.” Spot-on delivery.

Julia: Bradley James really surprises me with his range. Whenever you read interviews, he’s really self-deprecating, downplays his own intelligence and talent. He doesn’t act like a Very Serious Actor, but he’s pretty phenomenal. Not just a lovely face, ladies!

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